Ao Nang Landmark


55 rai (over 88,000 square meters)


Ao Nang Landmark Co., Ltd.


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79/45 Moo 3, Ao Nang, Muang District, Krabi, Thailand 81180

Ao Nang Landmark

City of Wealth

Ao Nang Landmark, the most all-inclusive waterfront community in Krabi, is being developed under the mixed-use concept that blends various properties in one location. These include, but are not limited to, commercial services, restaurants and other types of facilities such as supermarkets, entertainment venues, hotels, exhibition halls for various functions (i.e. product/service/trade shows or cultural events) a Krabi tourist information center, and other amenities.

The project is located with the stunning view of Nopparat Thara Beach, on the end of Ao Nang, with more than 55 rai (over 88,000 square meters) to serve many thousands of visitors. Tourism growth in Krabi has been increasing year on year. Commuting is convenient to and from the project by land or sea. Boats are also available for trips to many of the uniquely beautiful offshore islands.

The first and only beach-front community malls in Krabi, Thailand, will occupy much of the prime frontage of Nopparat Thara Beach, which will have the widest and longest “walking street” in Krabi of more than a kilometer linking up with the project’s waterfront. The street will encompass shops, restaurants, local vendors, cultural pavilions, and more to serve travelers and guests staying at hotels in the Ao Nang Landmark complex. Nearly 400 meters of the project’s frontage will stretch along the beach, with magnificent dew-drop shaped buildings blending beautifully with Nopparat Thara Beach and its natural environment. The shapes of the buildings have been inspired by the strikingly beautiful beach-front location. The surrounding massive backdrop of hills and mountains enhance the splendor, luxuriance and wonders to be experienced at the Ao Nang Landmark.

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